Our Mission is - Intentional

As an Institute, we will inform, establish, demonstrate and/or disseminate new and refined knowledge, service models and practice in human services through:

  • Service Delivery
  • Research and Development; and
  • Learning Delivery and Consultancy



Simply put, at Lojic Institute we seek to move beyond “wishes” and “aims” and instead take practical action to create positive change and solve real word problems together with our customers and partners.   

This is particularly so for people, of all ages, who remain excluded from living quality lives because they present to the world in a way that others find challenging. 

Every day we work with, support and enable a diverse range of people across all age groups using evidence-based practices, underpinned by contemporary behaviour science.

We seek to undertake research and evaluation and provide learning and consultancy services that are anchored in real-life and by a strong evidence base and be “that place”
where theory and the real world could come together.

Our team have a wealth of life and work experience and varied backgrounds including disability support, behaviour support, education, child safety, forensic services, mental health care, nursing, psychology, research, training, teaching, organisational behaviour management,  business management and senior industry leadership.

We are deeply committed to assisting our customers and partners to achieve positive outcomes and to have a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable people, their supporters and their communities.

Our workforce is very agile with many of our team working from home. Our frontline teams work with our clients in their home, whether this is our direct or behaviour support teams –  they are well placed to provide support to you when and where you prefer.  Because of that we are uniquely positioned to move to areas of Australia outside where we currently work.

So if you need support and your location is not already identified below, be sure to contact us and we’ll work together to find a solution for you.

  • Behaviour Support 

    Lojic Institute supports people of all ages with multifaceted needs using contemporary behaviour science

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  • Direct Support Services

    Lojic Institute provides Supported Independent Living (SIL) respite, community support and out home care to adults and children with complex needs 

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  • Research & Development

    Lojic Institute engages in research with a variety of academic and community partners aiming to improve the impact of practices and support models for people with complex needs

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  • Learning Delivery 

    Lojic Institute provides a range of learning packages for workers and organisations in the human and community services, health and education industries   
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  • Consultancy

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We are always on the lookout for team members to join us in creating change for vulnerable people in our community. If you enjoy a job where variety is the word of the day, and like to learn new things we would love to hear from you

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