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The team at Lojic Institute are trained and experienced in human and community services. They come from varied backgrounds including disability support, behaviour support, education, mental health care, nursing, psychology, organisational behaviour management, training, business management and senior industry leadership. The entire team cares deeply about assisting our customers achieve positive outcomes and having a positive impact on their lives/circumstances they serve and work within a human rights framework. They receive ongoing training and supervision to ensure that they are on the cutting edge of evidence-based practice.


  • Megan Borlase

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    Megan Borlase

    Chief of Innovation, Research and Partnerships

    Megan has post graduate degrees in Psychology and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). She has spent her adult life working in disability support services in England, New Zealand, USA, and Australia. She completed her doctorate in ABA in 2015 at Caldwell University, New Jersey USA and has been a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) since 2013.

    Megan has worked with a wide range of behaviours of concern, skill deficits, and age groups. She is an experienced presenter and has worked as a supervisor and trainer for over five years. Megan has presented her research at international conferences and has research published in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. She loves applying her expertise to helping individuals realise their potential and improve their quality of life.

  • Peter Mewett

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    Peter Mewett


    Peter is an experienced senior executive and CEO in community and government organisations. He has over 30 years’ leadership experience in the disability sector, in senior executive roles with Lojic Institute, Cootharinga North Queensland, CPL Choice – Passion – Life, Spinal Life Australia and the Queensland and Commonwealth governments’ disability programs.

    Peter has a long-held passion to enable practical social and economic participation for people with a disability. He is determined to influence an environment that empowers and recognises every person’s contribution to community life.

    Peter is a proven achiever in innovating, developing and growing new business, creating efficiencies in service delivery, and shaping the external business environment. He brings significant expertise to coaching and mentoring senior executives, as well as developing sustainability strategies for evolving business environments. 

  • Tessa Schonrock

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    Tessa Schonrock

    Associate Behaviour Specialist

    Tessa has been interested in understanding challenging behaviour since her own childhood, often questioning why some of her classmates would call out in class or talk back to the teacher. She was first introduced to Applied  Behaviour Analysis while completing her undergraduate degree. Following her graduation, she started working with children with autism in childcare before moving to an early intervention centre for children with Autism.  Tessa’s special interests include early intervention and teaching replacement behaviours. She is drawn to the field to help individuals advocate for themselves and their needs through means more appropriate than challenging behaviour.

    Tessa has a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology), Graduate Certificate in Autism Studies and is set to complete her Master of Education in Applied Behaviour Analysis by September 2020. Tessa is working towards becoming a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) with the guidance of John Wooderson (BCBA)

  • Chris Murray

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    Chris Murray

    Associate Behaviour Specialist

    Chris holds qualifications in psychology and has experience managing residential facilities and community outreach programs in the disability and mental health sectors. 

    Over the last ten years, Chris has supported individuals with intellectual disability and challenging behaviour. This includes working with individuals whose behaviour presents a significant safety risk to themselves and others. During this time, Chris has developed a grounded understanding of how behavioural science can be used to significantly change a person’s quality of life. 

    Chris is also a highly experienced trainer of human services staff. He delivers training in key management skills as well as hands-on therapeutic and trauma-informed service delivery. Chris is a passionate advocate for the rights of all people.

  • Carly Goodsell

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    Carly Goodsell

    Behaviour Specialist/Analyst
  • Oliver B Roschke

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    Oliver B Roschke

    Principal Practitioner

    Oliver has worked in education- and residential childcare providers across Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

    Over the past 15 years, he gained valuable learning experiences and insights by holding positions such as senior support worker, part-time teacher, transition facilitator, assistant residential house manager and behaviour support leader.

    Oliver’s passion and commitment to supporting individuals who portray significant behaviour challenges led to a growing interest in functional assessment and effective treatment of severe problem behaviours, including responsibilities that involved the design and implementation of school- and organisation-wide positive behaviour support systems.

    Oliver completed a Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis at the University of South Florida and is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA).

    He also drinks heavily peated Scotch single malt whisky while listening to Japanese free jazz on sunny Saturday afternoons.

  • Niamh Hearne

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    Niamh Hearne

    Behaviour Specialist

    Niamh has extensive behaviour experience gained from her work in early intervention, disability services and services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder both in Australia and Ireland. In addition to her clinical skills she is a confident trainer in the fields of positive behaviour support and person centred approaches.

    Niamh holds an undergraduate degree in Applied Social Studies in Social Care(BA Honours), a Diploma in early childhood and education and is currently enrolled with Florida Institute of Technology working towards to Board Certified Behaviour Analyst.

  • Kate Rippingale

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    Kate Rippingale

    Customer Experience Manager

    Kate has worked in the disability sector for both Government and Non-Government organisations for 13 years.  She has provided direct support to adults and children with a range of physical and intellectual disabilities and coordinated support services. She has coached and mentored support teams to implement Behaviour Support plans and has developed resources to support and enhance practice. 

    Kate is passionate about the rights of vulnerable people in our community and wants to empower people to live their best lives, have access to opportunities and achieve good outcomes.

  • Ryan Breslin.

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    Ryan Breslin.

    Associate Behaviour Support Practitioner

    Ryan has experience in supporting people with a disability in a variety of settings. With a particular interest in supporting children with ASD and ADHD.

    He holds a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) at the University of Wollongong.

  • Nerilee Scott

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    Nerilee Scott

    General Manager, Service Delivery

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