Lojic Research conducts a variety of research seeking to validate therapeutic techniques used in Australian human services.

At Lojic Institute, our specialist team are both guided by and influence international best practice in all of our business areas. We support this through on-going research conducted by all of our staff. 

Areas of Research

Lojic Institute is dedicated to conducting research that guides industry practice to implement evidence-based practices to improve quality of life.

Research will be conducted in all business areas of Lojic Institute including clinical, industry consulting, business sustainability, and educational services. Lojic Institute will disseminate the research conducted through a variety of channels based on the purpose of the research conducted and the intended influence (e.g., public policy, academic influence).

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Full staff support

All staff will be supported to partake in research and the dissemination of the developed evidence base. We will develop partnerships with other service providers, clients, tertiary institutions, research institutes, etc. to support implementation of our research agenda.

Our Research Agenda

All research conducted will include social validity (e.g., quality of life indicators) and/or social economic outcome measures. This is an essential component related to our goals around dissemination, policy change, and practice improvements.


Behaviour Disorders & Challenging Behaviours

Validation of the ABA research on assessment and treatment of challenging behaviours from USA with Australian populations (including Aboriginal/Torre Strait Islander) and individuals without an ASD diagnosis (e.g., mental health, dementia, ADHD, intellectual disability, ODD, EBD)


Skill Development

Validation of the ABA research on the assessment and intensive early intervention procedures from USA with Australian populations (including Aboriginal/Torre Strait Islander).


Human Services Standard Practice

Assessment of common practices used in the human services industry (e.g., sensory diets, social stories) to determine if they are effective practices.



Demonstrate how the application of behaviour science based strategies can improve the quality of life of individuals who have experienced trauma.


Neurodegenerative Disorders

Demonstrate how behaviour science can be applied to address the deficits and challenging behaviours associated with neurodegenerative disorders (e.g., dementia, Alzheimers) and improve their quality of life.


Pharmacological Treatments

Conduct a longitudinal direct comparison between the use of pharmacological treatment for behaviour disorders with behaviour therapy. Assess the behaviour outcomes, quality of life outcomes, and neurological changes.


Educational Outcomes

Demonstrate how behaviour science can be utilised in the classroom to improve educational outcomes for students, improve general classroom management, and impact teacher satisfaction.


Out of Home Care

Demonstrate how behaviour science can be applied to children in out of home care (OOHC), carer assessment, and carer training to improve quality of life for OOHC children and carers.


Organisational Outcomes

Demonstrate how procedures and processes based on behaviour science and evidence-based practices can be applied to improve organisational outcomes in Australian businesses and industries.


Training Methodology

Validate the behaviour science based training research from the USA in Australia and validate training packages developed through Lojic Learning.


Validation of Business Tools

Develop an evidence-base through systematic evaluation of tools being provided to businesses to support practice development and business sustainability including measures of overall organisation/business satisfaction and social/social-economic improvement.

Our partners

Lojic Institute works in partnership with tertiary institutes, other service providers, and research institutes to meet our research goals.

We are always open to building new research partnerships. If you would like to partner with us on a research project please contact us.

Our research

Lojic Institute have presented research at conferences around Australia and internationally. We are regular presenters at the Association for Behaviour Analysis Australia (ABAA) annual conference and New Zealand Association for Behaviour Analysis (NZABA) annual conference.

Our staff have been invited to speak at an addiction conference in Barcelona, Spain and presented at the Association for Behaviour Analysis International conference in USA.

Our Presentations

  • Managing staff and clients spanning a large geographic area. ABAI, Washington D.C., USA
  • The application of behaviour sciences to address problem behaviours in clinical populations. Addiction Therapy & Clinical Reports, Barcelona, Spain
  • When behaviour change procedures are not appropriate. NZABA, Christchurch, NZ
  • If, and how, to intervene: Case composites highlighting the complexities of ethically providing behaviour support. NZABA, Christchurch, NZ
  • Working across the age groups – similarities, differences, and ethical considerations. ABAA, Melbourne
  • Applying a Performance Improvement Framework to Behaviour Support in Human Service Settings. ABAA, Melbourne
  • Quantitative review of the application of ABA in dementia care. NZABA, Auckland, NZ
  • Comparison of reinforcer assessments with individuals with autism spectrum disorders. NZABA, Auckland, NZ
  • Applications of ABA in the clinical population going beyond children with autism. NZABA, Auckland, NZ
  • The triumphs and challenges of working with families, carers, and support workers. NZABA, Auckland, NZ
  • The analysis of precursors to multiply-maintained problem behaviour for an individual with autism. ABAA, Brisbane
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