Behaviour Support

Providing behaviour support services to remove the need for challenging or difficult behaviour.

We work with people who have need for behaviour services in a variety of settings.

We support people with developmental delay, intellectual disability, cognitive impairment, acquired brain injury, dementia, development disabilities or a diagnosis of Down syndrome or Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We also support children and young people who have experienced trauma. In fact, we can assist anyone who wants to change their behaviour.

Some behaviours can be challenging

Challenging behaviours are generally behaviours that interfere with a person’s safety or their ability to participate in the community. Examples of challenging behaviours include:


Withdrawn behaviours — such as shyness, rocking, or anxiety.


Disruptive behaviours — such as tantrums, screaming, or refusing to follow instructions.


Violent and unsafe behaviours — such as head banging, scratching, breaking things, or hurting other people.


Inappropriate social behaviours — such as stealing, inappropriate touching, or taking clothes off in public.

At lojic institute, our behaviour services support the development of positive behaviour, including skills for life.

It’s time to get help

Behaviour difficulties can lead to peer rejection and social isolation, poor academic outcomes, and stress and anxiety. It can limit a person’s ability to participate in and enjoy everyday activities. 

Parents and carers can often feel powerless or frustrated trying to help a person displaying concerning behaviour. You may have already tried different ways to manage the behaviour. Many people feel they’ve reached the end of their knowledge and skills.

Get a personal plan for change

If you’re caring for somebody with challenging behaviour, Lojic Institute can help.

Our professional team uses principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to teach new skills and behaviours, and discourage inappropriate ones. We look at what motivates people to think and act the way they do, and how we can work with them to bring about change. 

At Lojic Institute, we understand every person is unique. We provide behaviour interventions for people of all ages and developmental levels.


Get the support you need, when you need it.

We know it can be difficult to find help quickly. And you shouldn’t have to wait. We’ll respond to your enquiry within two days and book your first session within a fortnight.

How we can help

What makes Lojic Institute different?


Experienced Behaviour Specialists

Lojic Institute has one of the largest cohorts of board certified behaviour analysts in the country. Our specialist team are both guided by and influenced by international best practice.


Practical approach for real outcomes

Our behaviour therapies are based on scientific evidence to directly address everyday challenges.


Flexible plan delivery

We tailor every support plan to meet our client’s unique needs and circumstances.


Ongoing support at home

Our plans include hands-on coaching and support to ensure quality outcomes are achieved for individuals and their support network.


Adopting a scientific approach; guided by the latest research

Our team is actively involved in Australian research initiatives, bringing this insight to clinical work.


Working as part of your care team

Our programs engage your team of healthcare and support workers so that everyone is working together.

What to expect



We conduct an objective assessment of a person’s behaviours and identify causes, variables, and context for the behaviours.


Support Plan

We design positive behaviour support plans and/or skill development plans to improve the individual’s health, independence, and quality of life.



We provide practical, hands-on coaching alongside you, to ensure individuals and their support networks are informed, skilled, and confident in their abilities.



We conduct regular progress reviews to see whether the plan is working and if changes are needed.


Lojic Institute also provides clinical services for psychological testing.

We can prepare court and tribunal reports, including forensic orders.


Contact us directly or ask for a referral from your support coordinator or case worker.



Schedule a Meeting

We’ll schedule a time to meet with you, at home, via video call, or in a location of your choice.


Develop A Plan

At our meeting, we’ll talk about your needs and goals. We then use best practice in behaviour science to develop a support plan that creates positive change.


Ongoing Training & Support

We conduct an objective assessment of a person’s behaviours and identify causes, variables, and context for the behaviours.

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Our team of leading experts

Our clinical team members involved in ongoing study and research programs. We’re guided by international best practices and the latest scientific evidence.

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