Learning Delivery

Delivering quality learning grounded in evidence from the real world is one of the ways we seek to achieve our mission "Intentional Influence".

We provide a variety of learning opportunities across a wide array of topics relevant to the human and community services industry. 

Our learning experiences for individuals and organisations share knowledge and learning from:

  • our research, evaluation and service delivery
  • other contemporary research and experts; and 
  • our own and our customer’s first hand experience. 
We work with you to create a tailored learning environment and experience that is best suited to you as an individual or as an organisation.  

Our Approach

We employ Behaviour Skills Training, a proven evidence-based training model, in our learning opportunities regardless of the format, including on demand, webinar, or in person. This training model is proven to improve learning and, then, to embed those learnings in people’s day-to-day activities. 

All of our products use a range of processes to ensure we are providing high quality experiences including:

  • accessibility checks on all training materials to ensure that our materials are inclusive
  • product testing prior to release
  • providing a biography and recommended readings list with every learning opportunity
  • on-going feedback and review for quality assurance
  • regular review for content changes and updates


Our Team

At Lojic Institute we work with experienced instructional designers, graphic designers, videographers, content developers and learning facilitators to provide our customers with quality, evidence-based learning experiences.

We draw on relevant literature and the expertise of subject matter experts to ensure contemporary and evidence-based learning material. We work with you to design the best possible experience in order to meet your audience’s needs.

What We Offer

LMS Hosting

Access to a high-quality Learning Management System (LMS) can be challenging for many individuals and organisations due to a number of factors,  including cost, maintenance and administrative requirements.

At Lojic Institute we use Canvas LMS,  a popular learning management system used across a wide variety of organisations and tertiary institutes in Australia and globally.

By purchasing LMS hosting from Lojic Institute you can have all of your learning materials and experiences delivered through Canvas LMS at a minimal cost (compared with purchasing an LMS yourself).  We will tailor your LMS hosting experience including the administration and maintenance of your learning content being managed by us, and organising for relevant data to be integrated directly into most HR systems.

With Lojic Institute LMS hosting, you will have access to a large array of data analytics, accessibility tools and a custom-designed LMS experience to meet your learning requirements.

We offer a number of implementation packages ranging from full implementation which is inclusive of maintenance support from Lojic Institute; to having access to learning materials that enable you to maintain your LMS content with minimal support.

Learning Development

Quality learning experiences are important for staff wellbeing and organisational success.

At Lojic Institute we work with you to design and implement quality, evidence-based learning materials to meet your needs.

We can assist with learning content and delivery relevant to multiple facets of community and human services.

Our team can work with your existing content, help your team create new content, or create new content for you from scratch.

Learning materials can be developed for face to face, virtual, hybrid or on-demand modules.

Tailored Learning Sessions

We work in collaboration with you to tailor our in-person (online/face to face) learning opportunities to best meet your needs.

Our facilitators bring their industry experience to every learning session and bring real-life examples to the learning experience.

Learning Library

We maintain a Learning Library using our top-of-the-line LMS.

Our library contains a catalogue of eLearning modules hosted through our LMS and available for purchase.

You have the option to purchase access to modules through our LMS or request tailored modules that can be hosted directly in your own LMS.

We have a range of packages for purchase that contain learning materials covering a variety of topics relevant to the human and community services industry.

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