Our Approach

Behaviour Science is a scientific approach to understanding human learning and behaviour

It helps us understand what motivates somebody to think and act in a certain way. By understanding why a behaviour occurs, we can work with them to bring about positive change.

Behaviour Science  aims to change a person’s behaviour in a way that will have a positive impact on them and their social network.

It’s about helping a person to become more independent, to get more access to their community, and to have a higher quality of life.

What can Behaviour Science do?

Behaviour Science applies our understanding of how behaviour works to real situations. It can help children and adults in a variety of settings, including schools, workplaces, homes and clinics.

This provides a framework for overcoming problems and helping people become more independent, productive, and happy. With practical interventions, we can teach behaviours that are important and meaningful to both the person and society.

Behaviour Science can be used to:

  • Teach functional life skills
  • Reduce inappropriate behaviours
  • Increase productivity and satisfaction
  • Manage addiction, psychological or mental
    health issues
  • Improve communication skills
  • Support socialisation and relationship building
  • Increase attention and compliance
  • Improve gross and fine motor skills
  • Improve organisational culture

How reliable is Behaviour Science?

Behaviour Science is backed by nearly 50 years of proven results. It is considered an evidence-based best practice treatment, meaning it has passed scientific tests of its usefulness, quality, and effectiveness.

Behaviour Science has been used by many people to gain different skills, from creative play to learning a language. In Australia, it is considered one of the safest and most effective therapeutic approaches for Autistic spectrum disorder (ASD).

How does Behaviour Science work?

Behaviour Science is a flexible therapy that is adapted to meet the needs of each unique person or group. The goal of each program is to help individuals work on skills that will help them become more independent and successful, now and in the future.



We conduct an objective assessment of a person’s behaviours and identify causes, variables, and context for the behaviours.


Support Plan

We design positive behaviour support plans to improve the individual’s health, independence, and quality of life.



We provide practical, hands-on coaching alongside you, to ensure individuals and their support networks are informed, skilled, and confident in their abilities.



We conduct regular progress reviews to see whether the plan is working and if changes are needed.

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