Improving lives through positive behaviour change

At Lojic Institute our industry leading experts understand human behaviour. We use behaviour science to help people, communities and companies to create positive change and solve real world challenges.

  • I’m a parent

    I need help with my child’s behaviour

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  • I’m a disability support worker

    My client needs support with their behaviour

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  • I’m a foster care worker

    I need support for a child in out-of-home care

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  • I’m a doctor or healthcare worker

    I want to learn how Behaviour Support can help my patients

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  • I’m a teacher

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Our specialist behaviour support services

Lojic Institute provides specialist support to create positive change in the behaviour of children and adults including people with:

For more information on the areas we service please head to our contact page.

We build respectful relationships with every person.

Every individual is unique and we holistically​ work with you and your network to develop a plan that is specific to your needs and circumstances that is underpinned by Behaviour Science.

How to get started


Get In Touch

Contact us directly or ask for a referral from your support coordinator or case worker.


Schedule a Meeting

We’ll schedule a time to meet with you, at home, via Skype, or in a location of your choice.


Develop A Plan

At our meeting, we’ll talk about your needs and goals. We then use best practice in behaviour science to develop a support plan that creates positive change.


Ongoing Training & Support

We are here to support you beyond the development of a plan. Ongoing training, support and plan reviews form a fundamental element of this service.

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Eligible for NDIS funding

Logic Institute are a registered NDIS service provider. Contact us today to speak with our team in regards to achieving your NDIS plan goals.

What makes Lojic Institute different?


Practical approach for real outcomes

Our behaviour support is based on scientific evidence to directly address everyday challenges.


Ongoing support for carers

The work of the carer is critical, which is why our approach includes hands-on coaching and support.


We become part of your team

Our programs engage your family, care team or support workers so that everyone is working together.


A leading provider of professional development

Lojic Institute is a certified training provider, helping professionals understand how they can use Behaviour Science to be more effective in their work.


Experienced behaviour specialists

Lojic Institute has one of the largest cohorts of board certified behaviour analysts in the country. Our specialist team are both guided by and influence international best practice.


Adopting a scientific approach; guided by the latest research

Our team is actively involved in Australian research initiatives, bringing this insight into real world service delivery.

Lojic Institute can help you build a strong and sustainable organisation.

We provide practical strategies based on the latest research in Organisational and Behaviour Science. Talk to us about how we can assist you to build a stronger, more sustainable organisation.

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Dealing with challenging behaviour can feel stressful and isolating. Knowing where to turn for behaviour support can feel overwhelming, but the right support can make an incredible difference.

One of Australia's largest specialist behaviour support providers

Lojic Institute has one of the largest cohorts of board certified behaviour analysts in the country. Our specialist team are both guided by and influence international best practice.

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