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Industry and business sustainability consulting

Our consulting team is unlike any other, it combines decades of extensive CEO level experience and expertise in For-purpose organisations with an expert understanding of behaviour science, informed by the latest research and best practice in the areas of:

Most consultants work to find efficiencies in the 20% – being the amount of expense most “For-Purpose” organisations spend on their corporate overheads.

Lojic is different, we assist you with your 80% – your service delivery, the most vital part of your business and where most expenses occurs.

Business Sustainability

Unlike many consultants, Lojic Institute is not in the business of running your business.  We aim to support you to ensure your for-purpose business is sustainable well into the future.  

We understand, first-hand, the sustainability challenges you face, with technologies; business & policy environments; and customer & purchaser expectations evolving rapidly. 

Lojic Institute has developed a comprehensive Sustainability Planning Cycle – a step by step action guide, with purpose-designed and adaptable tools.  We can support you from first assessing your current sustainability profile right through to implementing sustainability strategies tailored specifically to your business.

Industry consulting

Most consultants work to find efficiencies in the 20%. 20% being the amount of expense most “For Purpose” organisations spend on their corporate overheads. Lojic is different, we assist you with your 80%; your service delivery, the most vital part of your business and where most expenses occurs.

We provide the following Industry Consulting services:

  • Research and communication of evidenced based practice
  • Developing industry and organisational practice models
  • Developing and implementing supervision models

Organisational culture

Research shows us that a healthy organisational culture is vital for business success and achieving positive outcomes for your clients. Lojic Institute helps companies strengthen their culture and create better outcomes, for clients and employees. 

Our approach is based on an expert understanding of behaviour science, informed by the latest research on organisational culture, added to our years of significant experience shaping the culture of organisations . 

We work with both for-profits and not-for-profits who value the experience of their clients or customers.

How we focus on your culture

Management skill is vital in any business, even more so for For Purpose organisations and those providing human services. Lojic believes that management is a distinct practice area the necessary link between clients, staff and the organisation.


Assess the current situation

We learn about your current culture in detail. We consider the opinions people share, and the thoughts left unsaid, to form a picture that’s real and accurate.


Identify indicators

We determine the metrics and criteria that can be used to understand and monitor culture.


Identify organisational values and desired culture

We work with your team to define the values most important to your organisation. Then, we describe the culture that aligns with these values.


Develop values-based human resource strategies

We prepare strategies and processes for recruitment, training, retention, and performance management. Your organisation’s values become the foundation of these strategies, helping you build the desired culture.


Preparation of key training assets

We provide training to your leadership team so that these strategies can be applied practically. We also prepare training modules for the induction of new staff.


Values based HR - the key to transforming your culture.

Through the application of our expert understanding of behaviour science, Lojic Institute can help you prepare values-based strategies for:

  • Attraction and recruitment
  • Employee retention
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Performance management

What makes Lojic Institute different?


Focus on human values and potential

We design systems for real people, considering their needs, values and desires.


Tailored to suit business priorities

Our work is customised to the unique challenges and goals of your organisation.


Practical application turns strategy into action

We provide the tools your organisation needs to make tangible changes with visible results.


Solid foundation for change

We position organisations to manage and create change, building a culture that can take you forward.


Scientific and evidence-based approach

Behaviour Science helps us understand how people behave and harness our human potential.


Prepare for the needs of the future

We provide strategies for human resource management that prepare your organisation for future challenges.

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Our consulting team are a combination of former executive level managers and Behaviour Scientists. We’re also involved in ongoing study and research programs. We’re guided by international best practices and the latest scientific evidence.

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